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Custom Injection Molded Plastic Parts

At Hisense Mould, we can provide custom injection molded plastic parts based on customers' requirements, covering home appliance plastic parts, injection molded automotive parts, plastic parts for office equipment and so on.

  • Washing machine drum
  • Rotary vane of washing machine
  • Air conditioner blower wheel
  • Car grille
  • Car grille
  • Car grille

We own and operate 80 sets of injection molding machines with clamping forces ranging from 80t to 1600t. All of them are purchased from such well-known companies as Zhende Plastic Machinery, Toshiba Machine, and Nissei Corporation. Among this equipment, there are 33 sets of mid- and large-size machines whose loading capacities exceed 550t. All equipment sets come with servo motor driven robotic arms, allowing operators to perform operations of two-shot injection molding and multi-cavity injection molding.

Hisense Mould got certified under FDA and NSF standards in 2004 and 2005 respectively. In 2006, the company set up a RoHS complied testing lab, dedicated to testing injection molds against related EU standards. Five years later, the company was GSV certified.