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Our Capabilities
  • Design Capacity

  • Talented Teams
    Hisense Mold Co., Ltd has established a talented R&D team consisting of over 150 engineers and technicians. Among them, nearly 30 members had overseas studies in USA, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. Therefore, this team has strong mold design capacity and can provide a comprehensive solution to plastic injection mold tools and stamping molds required by customers. The solution covers all detailed links from the development of new products to mold making and the final shaping. Each year, they can provide 1500 sets of customized moulds.

    Designing Concepts
    We have established a complete computer network platform which integrates designing, programming, processing and management. Advanced UG software has been adopted to facilitate mold designing and CNC programming. At the same time, Moldflow/MPI introduced from USA is used to analyze details of the plastic injection molding process, including the filing, pressure holding, cooling, gas-assisted injection and warping. We have not only applied the CAE technology in the mold development but also made full use of our rich experience accumulated through cooperation with customers. It is in this way that we can ensure the high quality and reliability of our moulds provided to you.

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  • Manufacturing Capacity

  • State-of-art Manufacturing Equipment

    Hisense Mold Co., Ltd has a comprehensive set of mold manufacturing equipment which is among the most advanced in China and Southeastern Asia, including 5-axis high speed machining centers made by German EDEL, high machining centers provided by Toshiba, Mikron, Mori Seiki, Hitachi Seiki, Markino and Maho, CNC EDM of all sizes made by Sodick and 250 sets of large double EDM equipment which include fifty four CNC, twenty eight EDM, twenty WEDM, sixty six normal processing facilities, two 3-coordinate inspection, nineteen testing machines and sixty five corollary machines. All of these advanced facilities significantly promote our scale production of precision dies.

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  • Quality Control

    • ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standards
    • ISO14001 Quality Management System Standards

    Advanced Inspection Instrument
    Since its foundation, Hisense Mold Co., Ltd has exerted great efforts in quality control to ensure the universal good quality of plastic injection molding dies and stamping moulds we made. Being committed to the goal of providing only quality molds, we introduced advanced 3-coordinate measuring instrument, high-definition optic projector, precision detector, digital 3D laser scanner imported from UK, etc. Comprehensive quality management measures have been taken during the whole processes of moulds production.

    At the same time, we have been strictly adhering to the ISO 9001 and ISO4001 quality management system standards and carrying out a 3-step quality inspection system, in which way all production links from the materials selection, manufacture to storage are perfectly controlled and all defects get avoided.

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  • Project Management Capacity

  • Based on forty years' development, Hisense Mold has become a capable mold supplier that can provide with customers a comprehensive set of services upon customers' requirements. Meanwhile, we can handle larger molds orders in an efficient way, providing quality custom molds, such as injection molds and sheet metal stamping dies, in possibly shortest time.

    Stronger Capacity: with over 1300 sets of advanced equipment for mold designing and manufacture, we have strong production capacity to satisfy customers demands;

    Professional Team: we have talented service teams who have good language skills, such as English, Japanese and Korean. Besides, our resource team and order executive team also help customers throughout the cooperation;

    Rich Experience: we have rich experience in mould design and manufacture as well as service providing.

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