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Design Ability

Talented Teams
Hisense Mold Co., Ltd has established a talented R&D team consisting of over 150 engineers and technicians. Among them, nearly 30 members had overseas studies in USA, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. Therefore, this team has strong mold design capacity and can provide a comprehensive solution to plastic injection mold tools and stamping molds required by customers. The solution covers all detailed links from the development of new products to mold making and the final shaping. Each year, they can provide 1500 sets of customized moulds.

Designing Concepts
We have established a complete computer network platform which integrates designing, programming, processing and management. Advanced UG software has been adopted to facilitate mold designing and CNC programming. At the same time, Moldflow/MPI introduced from USA is used to analyze details of the plastic injection molding process, including the filing, pressure holding, cooling, gas-assisted injection and warping. We have not only applied the CAE technology in the mold development but also made full use of our rich experience accumulated through cooperation with customers. It is in this way that we can ensure the high quality and reliability of our moulds provided to you.

Supported by our talented teams and advanced designing and manufacturing equipment, Hisense Mold can provide with you customized solutions to moulds which perfectly meet your requirements, helping simplify the production processes and ensure high quality of your products.

Technological Achievements
Hisense Mold has developed a CAD/CAM/CAE integral manufacturing system for moulds production. This system was established based on our data bank and subject to regular update of software. In this way, we can keep paces with the latest leading technologies around the world.

As the first company that successfully applied hot runner in the production of moulds, we have mature technologies on the application of hot runners and established cooperative relations with such hot runner suppliers as UDO, INCOE, MOLD-MASTER, DME, SYNVENTIVE, DELACHAUX, HUSKY, PETS, Runipsys, etc. Therefore, we provide with customers multiple options for hot runners. Moreover, our advanced hot runner technology together with the sequential valve gate hot runner systems technology can help avoid or reduce the welding lines on plastic products.

Moreover, we have developed Rapid Heat Cycle Molding Technology and successfully designed the steam mould, H-mold and E-mold, which can help reduce such processes in the traditional injection molding as spray coating and varnishing and decrease pollutants caused by the coating process. At the mean time, the finished plastic products will have an ensured better appearance. A double-color high-gloss injection mold has been provided with customers and put into scale production. It will significantly promote the beauty of home appliances.

Till today, Hisense Mold has carried out several national Torch Plan Projects, Key Technologies Research and Development Program of China, Innovation Fund for Small Technology-based Firms Programs and so on. Besides, we have obtained several technological achievements through our joint efforts with Shandong University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other academic institutes. Specifically, we now have 8 invention patents and over 30 utility model patents.

Letter Patents Show

  • A Tightness Inspection Device For Molds
  • A Mould Structure for Improving Highlight Plastics injection Mould Lifetime
  • Method for Improving Surface Quality of Foam Molded Plastic Part
  • Injection Mold Forming Structure for Air Seal Between Plastic Piece and Injection Mold
  • Method for Manufacturing Graphite Electrode For Producing Casing Mold
  • Steel Letter Head Engraving Clamp
  • Tool for Extracting Needle Valve in Hot Runner
  • High-Brightness Non-Melted Mark Steam Injection Mold